Lindsey has earned her success in the fashion industry, working for titles such as The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Dior, Rachel Zoe and New York Broadway Shows.  She worked in New York, Paris and London, studying with some of the most talented and successful designers around the world.

KxL, or "Kelly by Lindsey" is inspired by the love and support Lindsey has always received from her big sister Kelly.  She was her best friend and biggest believer in Lindsey's talent and capabilities. Kelly, who loved and was loved by so many, tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident in June 2016.  KxL New York is a way for her name and legacy to live on beautifully and creatively, and for Lindsey to continue to make her proud.

The garments in KxL New York are truly unique.  They are one-of-a-kind and handmade pieces in the US.  With most of her experience in couture, Lindsey was inspired to bring the fine quality and uniquely embellished characteristics of runway pieces to the everyday woman. She believes in dressing everyone from petites to plus size in an affordable and practical way while making accessible the exquisiteness she knows and loves from her high-end fashion experience.